w h o   w e   a r e

behind the scenes represents specialists in photo and tv production. We see ourselves as partners of creatives, the interface between consultants and creative implementation. We have an extensive background knowledge, are creative problem solvers and ensure the smooth running in the foreground.
We are based in Berlin and Munich.

w h a t   w e   d o

inspiration // mood imagery research // illustrator, photographer, regisseur, director, dop research // trend scouting // project management // rights clearance // budget supervision // cost controlling // pitch support // tvc and photo production // editing services // casefilms // organisation of freelance creative teams// celebrity & testimonial booking //
stock imagery procurement // casting // radio

 o f f i c e   m u n i c h

blumenstrasse 28
80331 münchen

o f f i c e   b e r l i n

friedrichstrasse 200 (Aufzug C)
10117 berlin